Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Father's Day redux

Our family wearing Tom masks

Our family holding Tom masks

Sarah felt badly that Tom and I had such a disappointing Father's Day on June 14th, so she and Sam threw a swell dinner party on Father's Day, June 21.  There was no doubt about it: it really was Father's Day, and there was no way Tom was going to forget it.

Sam barbecued and we sat around and talked and teased the children. I played Sorry with Louis, Maxwell and Murgatroyd and won!  Take that, you sweet little grandchildren!

Erica teased Sally by removing her binky when she was tired and sent her into a wailing fit, from which she never fully recovered.

Elliot laughed when Charles said, "butt."

Maxwell and Murgatroyd were mad at each other.

I could not post a picture of the family with Sam sitting in my chair, because his hand was positioned in a compromising position.  We need to think about where our hands are when we're having our picture taken.

Dessert was a fabulous peach cobbler from Sam and Sarah's peach tree of last year.

Thank you darlings for being yourselves and making us so happy.

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  1. Sarah and Sam are good at this type of thing. Your posts about Plummer gatherings are some of my favorites.