Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Out of my league

Yesterday, I found a spot to keep all my jewelry which was kept helter skelter in various drawers.  It sounds as if I am daily bedecked with jewels, but the truth is I wear very little of it, especially the necklaces.  I like them, but they end up making me too hot and I tear them off after an hour.

It's all worthless except for a couple of bracelets and rings.

I had leftovers, so when we went to Sam and Sarah's for dinner, I took two bracelets with me and offered them to the three-year-old Sally.

She said:  "I don't want them. I have my own." She strutted away.

Someone's been reading too much OLIVIA.

If I had an extra iPad to offer her, she'd take it hands down.  That babe is way out of my league.


  1. I am incapable of wearing earrings. They make me crazy. I do admire a girl who knows her mind, though. That Sally.

  2. Same here. I can't wear necklaces that are too tight and although I have a pile of pretty ones, scarves give me hot flashes.
    Sally sounds like a 3 year old worth knowing.

  3. She made sure Sam and I wore the bracelets all morning.