Tuesday, January 19, 2016

10 light suggestions for overcoming January depression

1. Don't expect anything and you won't be disappointed.

2. Read Psalms 88.  It's the best.

3. Make cookies for supper. No one will object.

4. Look at yourself in the mirror when you cry.

5. Tell your husband that you think you're transgender.

6. Just decide to vote for Donald Trump so you don't have to worry about the elections anymore.

7. Make your bed, so that you can feel smug.

8. Set a record for how long you can wear the same underwear day after day.

9. Spray your houseplants with glitter.

10. Go to the emergency room of the hospital and tell them you have chest pain. It's like a little overnight vacation.


  1. I'm curious. How did the whole Transgender thing go over?

    1. There's no surprise there, Beck. We've been wearing the same Lands End clothes for years.

    2. LOL!

      From a former LLBean employee, just so you have some context - they're virtually the same in the marketplace. That was fabulous!

  2. Low expectations = the key to happiness. I read that in a science-y book and I truly believe it.


  3. Roald Dahl said if he could, he'd trade January for two Julys. I would too.

    Sending love.

    1. In Phoenix, January isn't bad! Certainly wouldn't trade January for two Julys here.

  4. Seed catalogs! Hope springs eternal, once one peruses the seed catalogs!

  5. ha ha.
    January always puts me under. I'll be trying some of these for sure. I won't say which ones.