Thursday, January 28, 2016

The corner garden

This is my corner garden, a backdrop of greens with one flowering pot, which will change from
time to time.

The best part of deep winter is when the forced bulb flowers show up in nurseries and grocery stores. Is there anything happier than daffodils?

The fern in the front recently replaced a gorgeous Maidenfern that I accidentally killed by spraying it with alcohol.

How is that possible, you wonder.

Tom and I share an art room (it's actually the master bedroom; we sleep in the second, smaller bedroom).  We have two art desks that face each other and it is filled with our art supplies including
two clear spray bottles of water and (this, I didn't know) one clear spray bottle of unidentified alcohol.

Every night, I sprayed the delicate Maidenfern with water. It required extra care, and it liked my attention. (Yes, I communicate with plants).

Then one morning the Maidenfern was dried and curled up and since plants are not suicidal, I went about finding what had happened.  It only took a short examination of the three "water" bottles.

The plant now fills up my kitchen sink where I keep thinking my watering and spraying will reverse the damage.  If not, I will cut it down and see if it will come up again.

Such is the life of an indoor farmer.


  1. I keep moss. Every fall, I pull it up from the ground or off of the shed roof and make tiny terrariums with it. I am hopeful each winter that it will live until the spring. It never does.

    1. Growing moss indoors is am ambitious thing. It would be most satisfying while it lived, though.

  2. What a beautiful indoor garden! I have a small indoor pine tree which has survived since November. You've inspired me to find some daffodils to set by it.

  3. My husband keeps saying we need to get some plants in our place and this is making me actually want to do it as well!

  4. My mom had a similar experience with shellac. She grabbed the can without her glasses on and sprayed it all over her hair. Needless to say her hair stayed in place for days. Ha! Thanks for reminding me of that. Sorry about your maidenfern, though. Those are so pretty. Miss you.

  5. My mother-in-law had beautiful rose bushes until my father-in-law mistakenly sprayed them all with Roundup instead of whatever he thought was in the sprayer.

    Indoors, I have a blooming heliotrope. (And more, but it's my current favorite.) The scent is wonderful!