Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Plants that must die

Oh poinsettia, it's not Christmas anymore. You look out of place and geeky. Your leaves are limp.

Oh supposedly joyous plant, your struggle to live on after the big day annoys me.

Commit suicide! I don't want to be responsible for killing a living thing, but I resent watering you.

In California, you're a weed.

Dammit, you're a plant!  Down the shoot you go.


  1. Take that all you poinsettia plants desperately (and unattractively) clinging to life!

  2. So funny. I am from Ventura, CA. My town has been called The Poinsettia City by the Sea. If you drive around my town you can see amazing Poinsettia plants that have been growing for years, so when you called it a weed, I can see the truth of it. An old poinsettia plant can end up looking like a plant from a Dr. Seuss book. They can really be amazing to see. In my neighborhood people have poinsettia plants that are taller than their homes. Utah just wasn't meant to be long term home for a poinsettia plant.

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