Wednesday, April 6, 2016

To Charlene, Ahmud, Jason and all others who lived in my apartment before me

Hey guys, we took down the second tier cupboards, so now you can see from the kitchen out to the mountains. When I say "we," I mean Tom did that. The man deserves a new lunch bucket. He unscrewed the doors and then three cupboards and carried the load out to the dumpsters.

Did we ask for permission?  No. Never ask for permission. Besides, the management is updating apartments as people move out, so these old cupboards are scheduled for removal after we leave.

Don't know when. Don't care.

Sally is coming tomorrow.  Last week, I bought her an unbirthday cake at Mrs. Backers and had them write "Sally" in frosting.  She was pleased, although she let me know that "my mom says I've had enough sweets for today."

"Your mom isn't here," I said. "We're eating cake for lunch."

She stuck on all the candles in the box and Tom and I sang "Happy UnBirthday, dear Sally." 

She was embarrassed and wouldn't blow out the candles or make a wish, so I did that for her.

She didn't want me to cut the cake. She didn't want to use forks.

"I want to lick it," she said.

"Go for it," I said.

She licked about half the frosting off that cake.  Then she wanted it back in the box so she could take it home later. I managed to sneak a couple of forkfuls, which wasn't what I planned. I had hoped for a big hunking piece of cake.

 Sally: 1
Grandma: 0


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  2. "Your mom isn't here."

    Cheers to Sally! And to unobstructed mountain views.

    Thanks for another laugh.