Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Adieu, adieu. (Hamlet's father)

Sunday, October 30--saying good-bye to these Plumskies on the way out of town.

Yesterday, the cable guy installed a landline telephone and I called Sarah, knowing she would be home. Actually, I could have called almost anyone, because it was before eight in the morning. I forget we're on Atlantic time, not eastern time.

She said Sally had asked if Grandma would be there for Christmas this year. No, Sarah said, she'll be in Nova Scotia. Why, will you miss her?

Oh no, I was just thinking that she told me she liked my pajamas last Christmas.

I can skype that, Sally. I can skype it.

I could make a long list of what we left behind, but it's better to think about going to find a Michael's in Halifax.

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  1. For the record: She did not say she wouldn't miss you! Because we all do. So there.