Friday, December 30, 2016

I got Pneumonia for Christmas

I did get Pneumonia for Christmas. It sneaked up on me like a sea ghost--no coughing, no runny nose--just overwhelming exhaustion. I've been taking enormous antibacterial pills and they seem to be working. I have been seeing my children's faces and loving them more than I thought was possible. How could I not be on this planet?

And we are moving. The heating oil for this house costs as much as the rent, and we are still cold. So tomorrow we move into the village of Chester into a tiny, immaculate one bedroom house. It is surrounded by a half an acre of land and fully enclosed with trees. It's within walking distance of the Kiwi Cafe and the Chester Playhouse. Two blocks to Freda's Beach. There is a basement for storage.
We plan to be very happy here. I am excited.  Here are the pics:

Freda's beach--good for a daily swim


  1. Prayers for your healthy recovery - and I do not say that lightly.

    I am living vicariously through your adventures. I hope you love the new house; I think that Spouse o' Mine and I surely would! And a beach, for a daily swim? He would be in heaven on earth. (I bought him a wetsuit for Christmas so that he could swim in Australia this March. He is so excited...reliving his surfy life, I think.)
    Happy New Year to you and Tom.

  2. The same thing happened to my runny nose, no coughing, just chest pain that made us think: Heart attack! But no, it was pneumonia. Scary. Hope you're better soon, and that your new place is warm and toasty. The house looks lovely, and how wonderful to be that close to the beach!

  3. What a sweet little house! It looks perfect.