Friday, January 6, 2017

A reader's bliss

Yesterday, Tom and I went to the library bringing along proof of address, so that we could get library cards. It's an 18th century, two-story house surrounded by gardens and a picket fence.  We were greeted by Glen and Lynn, who are not only the librarians but also the tenants of the house.

"We've come to get a library card," I said to Glen.

"You don't need one," he said. "You just come and take a book and bring it back."

"Right," I said. "For a moment I forgot I was in Nova Scotia." We grinned at each other.

Tom told them where we lived, just a block down the hill. "Oh, you live in the hollow," Glen said.

"They moved that cottage in there several years ago," Lynn said.

"We live in the hollow." I smiled at Tom. Tom and I smile a lot these days.

Glen and Lynn visited Chester twenty-one years from Ontario.  "We had a nice house on the Ontario River," Lynn said. "But when we got home and sat on our front porch, we decided we'd rather live in Chester."

"So let's do it, I said." This was Glen.  "We sold our house and moved here."

"Lynn does the gardening," Glen said. The library sits on about an acre of land.

"It's a work in progress," Lynn said.

The library: another reason to love this village.

The front door of the library at Halloween.

The front hall. I'm such a sucker for square tiles at an angle.

The book room.

The Club Room for readers.

The Ondaatje Room. I asked them if I could come and write at that table and they both chirped, "Of course!"


  1. I feel happiness for you. It's a gift to me. Thank you for letting me visit your library!

  2. No computers in this library? I'm glad you have your own so you can share your experiences with us

  3. wow you guys! is this real life?! ;-)

  4. You might be interested to read some of the novels by the library room namesake

  5. I could spend every afternoon in The Club Room.