Friday, January 13, 2017

The Furniture Barn vs. The Dress Barn

We've been waiting for the Furniture Barn to open since Christmas. It's all used furniture and plenty of it.  Thus the rocker. And a fine rocker it is too.

Why is it that I am more than willing to enter the Furniture Barn, which actually is a barn, but not so willing to enter the Dress Barn?

I've been in the Dress Barn once and actually bought some khaki pants, but I said to the clerk as she was ringing me up, "Dress Barn is a terrible name for women's clothing. It makes me feel like a cow."

She told me that the owner of Dress Barn began selling clothes in the barn next to her house, and she built up the business from there. That made me more sympathetic. 

Still, women being herded into the Dress Barn? It doesn't feel good. I haven't been back.

1 comment:

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