Friday, March 3, 2017

Living like the Gaisfords

It occurred to me in the middle of the night, when most things occur to me, that anyone could pretend to be anywhere in the world on Facebook, especially if they're handy with Photoshop.

How do you know we're really in Nova Scotia, for example? How do you know we didn't take those ocean pictures on the banks of the great Salt Lake? How do you know we didn't hire some guy to play Father Christmas and take Tom's picture with him? How do you know we're not hiding out it in
an apartment in Ogden cutting and pasting our pictures in front of scenes we found on the internet?

Think about the Gaisfords who have been posting these pics of themselves in India. Any of us can paste ourselves in front of the Hindu Ajgabinath Temple in Sultanganj onto Facebook and say we're having a wonderful time. Especially if we don't have to pronounce Ajgabinath.

For that matter you can make a sign and hang it on yourself showing that you've won a marathon.
Or take a video of yourself on a Steinway Concert Grand on stage playing the Rach III and sweating (spray yourself) while Vladimir Ashkenazi plays the sound tract.

People, we can live extraordinary, creative lives and never get out of our pajamas.

Think about it.


  1. I'm pretty good wth Photoshop....

  2. I have often thought as of late how "there are no secrets on Facebook.... but we only see a tiny bit of what is really behind the scenes." We all have secrets.... everyone is "photoshopping" part of their lives... We show the best or the funniest... or get caught in a situation and boom, there it is on Facebook. But then again... WE DO NOT REALLY HAVE A CLUE.... we could all be in our pajamas...