Thursday, March 23, 2017

Watching ducks and so much more

Last evening I caught these two ducks swimming on a puddle out in front of our house, the result of snow melt. Surely, a sign of spring. A few days ago, the first robins of the year pecked at the sodden lawn. Spring.

This morning, the puddle was frozen solid and Tom was out knocking snow off the car again. So we went shopping for a blender and a bathroom scale. My slacks are getting tight and it was time to face the reality. I shrieked when I weighed myself. 

So it's back to drinking my meals and counting calories. 

Wouldn't it be great if we could go on a diet and lose age?

--Louise, you're looking great!

--Thank you, I've lost ten years. I'm 64 again. I feel wonderful. And I remember all my old phone numbers again.

--How did you do it?

--Erasayear. It was easy. I had to sleep a month for every year I wanted to lose. Tom fed me through a tube inserted in my stomach. Now he's home sleeping until Christmas.
It's good for the marriage too!

ERASAYEAR. I'm on board.

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