Saturday, April 28, 2012

Morning Walk

City Creek SLC
Along side the Church Office Building
Tulips across from the Lion House
This morning I took my camera and walked up through the Land of Oz where the tulips are in full bloom.  Then I sat in City Creek and watched people and listened to the fountains.  Salt Lake City is sublime in the spring.  Makes me want to yodel or tap dance.

I strolled through H&M, stimulated by its youthful energy and bouncy music.  I feel the same way when I go to Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie.  Sometimes, I look about and realize I'm the oldest person in the store and wait for sirens to go off and the youth police to explode from back rooms wearing gas masks and tank tops and shoving me out of the store with bayonets.  Or light sabers. No old people allowed.  No crepy necks.  Out, out old thing.

This is different from visiting Coldwater Creek or Chico's where the clerks have sagging profiles and the inventory includes plenty of jackets and loose-fitting sweaters for those of us suffering from gravitational pull.

If I were young again, I would buy a sundress and a pair of stilletos and strut my stuff.


  1. You make me laugh Louise. Who makes you laugh? I get an itch when I come within five metres of the front door of Coldwater Freek. Try spanx - it comes in all sorts of combinations to help with gravitational pull.

  2. I want to go strut my stuff right now. That eight months pregnant with varicose veins thing makes me hesitate.
    Gorgeous pictures.
    Could a city look much better?

  3. I just drove by Temple Square yesterday, and I said to my friends, "There isn't a better landscaped area on earth. Not even Disneyland could touch Temple Square." Next time your visiting city creek, you must go into Nordstrom and spray all their Bond No. 5 perfumes. My favorite is the hot pink bottle, but I'll have to save 270 bucks if I'd like to actually own some.

  4. The flowers are gorgeous! And City Creek looks like the perfect place to spend the afternoon with a couple of girlfriends over a long lunch. Hope you take advantage! I'd love to strut my stuff but realized that I can no longer where those super high heels, tried it the other day and ended up having to ice my knee:( So sad not to be able to rock all those crazy shoes out there. Sigh.

  5. The tulips at temple square are to die for and city creek is amazing. Wish I was there now. I can wear high heels, (I recently lost weight and it makes a huge difference) but not all day. More like "go to church" shoes, 2 to 3 hours. My arms can't work the sundress either. It is such a pain, this getting old.