Monday, April 30, 2012

Junk blog

We are settled into our more spacious apartment, so I'm posting the dining area again, this time with a light from IKEA.  In the last space, the light was not directly over the table and we never got ambitious enough to swag a chandelier into place.  What's really nice is the table is not crowded against the kitchen wall, so I don't have to say, "Skinny people sit on this side."

Sam and Sarah have our old, much larger dining room table, which we will visit in Phoenix in a few days when we go down to see the new grand-daughter who is arriving tomorrow on May Day.  Did you ever dance a Maypole dance in school or Primary?  You know, where you weave the ribbons over and under each other?

Wasatch School in Provo ended the school year with each grade dancing a different number,  and the sixth graders always did the Maypole thing.  It was a wonderful springy way to end the year.  I have photos somewhere of sons 3 and 4 tripping the light fantastic.

I have lots of geeky son photos.  It is tempting to blog the geeky sons, but one of them still owns a video of the leopard bra incident, of which I will speak no further.  I'll just say that we can match each other embarrassment for embarrassment.  It's up to me to be the adult here.

Back to the new digs.  I have to repaint a large bookcase in the living room and replace the 80's blinds.
Right now, I have to finish up grades for last semester.  I have already been to brunch with friends, had some kind of allergic break out on my wrists and arms (Could it be the Aveeno?) and have laughed at Anne Plummer a couple of times.

Anne Plummer has this--what do I call it?  She has an affliction where she hiccups one high hiccup out of the blue.  It's like a tic.  And it cracks me up.

What's your affliction today?


  1. Shopping with Used to Be Mother. It wasn't fun. It wasn't enjoyable. Left me with my own kind of tic and lots of blue.

  2. Those are GORGEOUS rugs. Is there an exotic story behind their acquisitions?
    (If not, merely make one up.)

    We had a glorious and huge oriental rug in earlier days, and I have always tried to acquire a similar one. Alas, that glorious one was purchased from some sorority house in some university town we lived in, and we probably could not afford one so large and intricate (new) nowadays. After it became threadbare from kids and life, we donated it somewhere. We make do with a few knock-offs. But it's not the same.

  3. Beautiful new space. I am afflicted with living in an uptight community with absurd rules about backyard fence hieghts. I am fond of my neighbor but I do not want him watching me push my baby in the swing. The town says 4 ft. maximum, I am putting up 6 ft. and I dare a village inspector to say one word to me. I am also afflicted by children that do not want to go to bed. AND, my plumber who made off with my 9X12 wool and silk area rug after we had a leak and I cried when it got wet. He rolled it up and I let him take it knowing all it needed was a cleaning and it would be fine. Big huge bucks in someone else's house and I have a bare floor. Boo hoo.

  4. Tripping over everything. That's my affliction today. And I did that Maypole Dance at Wasatch myself. We also did the German Slap Dance where we, you know, slapped Germans.

  5. My affliction is my husband has been wishing on a star for two months to get this job in California. It was 20 minutes from Zuma beach. He didn't get it today and he announced he's taking up drinking. I have to organize some sort of pep rally when he gets home which may include a leopard bra, (but no cameras). I love Ikea. I always eat their meatballs and lingon berry sauce.