Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nasty Louise

Nasty Louise is an ongoing theme in this blog.  She shows up usually after an annoying week where the following takes place:

1.  The MacBook needs repairs and so she is without a computer for several days.  Out of touch and invisible.  The good thing is that Tom, the husband, hooks up the Wii after a day or so, so she can watch Netflix, because she is tired of reading Boswell's, Life of Samuel Johnson and An Embarrassment of Riches, both books being too dense to read for more than 20 minutes at a shot.

2.  The fact that she has assigned herself both of these books to read at the same time may be a sign that Nasty Louise was in the making before the computer shut down.

3.  What does Nasty Louise choose to watch this week?  The Winds of War, a WWII miniseries that was a huge hit in 1983 starring Robert Mitchum, Allie McGraw etc. etc.  In 1983 when Louise was turning 41, she loved this series despite Allie McGraw's woeful acting.    What she recognizes at age 69 is that Herman Wouk, who wrote the script from his novel of the same name, is a terrible writer.  Abysmal.  Especially when he has women speak.  What that man doesn't know about women could be a miniseries of its own.

4.  Herman Wouk won the Pulitzer Prize for The Caine Mutiny, but not for script writing.  Now Nasty Louise will have to read The Caine Mutiny to see if she's lost her critical mind.

5.  Nasty Louise is dieting.


  1. Kerry is always nasty. Especially when dieting. Which she has been doing. Because her reconstructive surgeon decided that a great place to get extra skin is from doing an abdominoplasty. All Kerry has to do is lose 20 pounds in 3 months and she gets a free tummy tuck! So of course she is dieting! For the first time since having babies, she might get to have a belly button that isn't frowning! But, yeah. There must be dieting to make it happen. Meaning, it isn't *really* a totally "free" tummy tuck. Hence the nasty.

  2. Nasty Louise is an absolute delight.

  3. I agree with Embarrassment of Riches being dense. Have you gotten to the part about the "drowning machine" that they used to force people to work? I was so fascinated by it I wrote an essay on it.

  4. Aha. I found your 'nasty' genesis: dieting. It happens to me every time. Also, you look fantastic in the pictures with your glasses, despite your 'nasty' face.

  5. Oh, Nasty Louise. You charm in spite of yourself.

  6. Nasty Louise go eat some ice cream.