Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Paint prowess

The bathroom is more apple green than it appears here

Project number 1

Post-menopausal zest hit me in the side of the head yesterday, and I painted not only the bookcase, but then went on to paint a bathroom.  I was a woman on fire.

Today I'm broken into little pieces.  I'm wearing two icy-hot patches on my back and am filled with Tylenol.  Aging is pathetic.

Tom, who warned me yesterday that I was doing too much, has been kind with offerings of mixed berries and cream and crackers with Camembert cheese and a ride through our favorite neighborhoods.  Neighborhoods with arching Sycamore trees.  

Do we capitalize trees or is that German?

Anyway, I'm waiting to be arrested.  I called for jury duty last night and they were taking numbers with the letter Z in front of it.  I have a Y letter.  The jury secretary told me she would send me another card, because I postponed the first round to go to Phoenix.  But I never received another card.  But did they send me a card and it has been lost?  Will I be responsible?  Will they fine me a $1000 or send me to jail for a month.

I have had jail fantasies for years, but I imagine it would be as disappointing as other fantasies that I have invested way too much emotional time in.  In fact, my experience is that the fantasy is almost always better than the real thing.

Okay, that just isn't true.  That is so seriously not true.  But I'm too tired to give examples.

Lazy writing.  Really lazy writing.


  1. Fantastic paint jobs and I LOVE your art work!
    I hope you don't end up in jail.

  2. how about getting into the point of the mountain with your pen instead of... however your fantasy gets you there. you could teach creative writing and live out your fantasy vicariously... so to speak! ;)

  3. The picture of you on the bathroom wall is interesting. Who did that? The bookcase looks fresh and new. You have to love semi-gloss paint. Jail orange would not look good on you.

    I recently painted an old chair and bookcase for my daughter's apartment. I didn't take pictures. I learned yesterday I should have - this was a tip how to be a successful blogger. As you can see from the quality of my pictures, I might need a little more practise.

  4. Bonnie, it's a self-portrait I did in 1989 when Tom and I exchanged diy art gifts that Christmas. He gave me a black and white photo of a black rabbit (whose name was Rabbit Rabbit) crouching on side table in our living room. It's still one of my favorites.

  5. I like the apple green. It's time to paint the playroom - too lazy to flip through those little paint samples. Tell me what color you'd paint a playroom. i remember that portrait of you from your Provo house - I used to run those roads in your neighborhood and nearly die - altitude was tough on this city girl.