Sunday, June 10, 2012

Back from Pittsburgh

Tom and I have been in Pittsburgh the last week to see our granddaughter, Rian, graduate from Quaker Valley High School.  Under the academic gown, she wore a lace peach colored dress (very Mad Men style) and five inch patent leather heels.  She was a knock-out, I'm telling you.

I didn't take my laptop.  I have enough trouble getting through an airport setting off alarms with my fake ankle.  A laptop seemed like too much trouble.  So I was unplugged for a week which appealed to my agoraphobic side, which is powerful right now.

Right now I can't drag the best photos from Dede's facebook.  I need a lesson from Tom but I'm too tired.

Don't you think high heels make women's legs look super sexy?


  1. Whew! I was just holding my breath, hoping your absence from the 'net wasn't foretelling bad things.

    I love graduations! They are the best. Yes, I think high heels make a woman's legs look sexy. I haven't worn a heel in 10 years. I would feel bad about it, but having pain-free feet is pretty awesome.