Saturday, May 26, 2012

The artist in our house

We've been noticing these lovely, blowsy poppies on the south side of The Little America Hotel and finally took cameras yesterday to get some shots.  This one would make a fine watercolor.


Speaking of watercolor class, Tom has become the teacher's pet with his photo montages, a combination of photoshop and watercoloring.  She's always asking him for copies for her "brag wall."

I missed class one night and he came home with the portrait of Elliot above.  The face is watercolored.
I stared at it.  "You didn't paint that," I said.  "Marian painted it."

"No, I painted it."

In the margins, Marian had shown him what to do.  Maybe he had painted it. "She said I was an artist," Tom said.

Tne next morning, I said, "You have to help me for twenty minutes to clean up around here."

"I'm an artist.  I don't clean up."

"Don't pull that artistic temperament crap on me.  It won't work."

He's been grinning all week.

I do think they're lovely.


  1. On the last one with the sunglasses, it looks like I might have to smoke a lot of pot to figure it out or enjoy it thoroughly.

  2. Yep, I'm coming to watercolor class with you guys.

  3. I think these pieces are so cool!
    Do post the water color of the Poppies when you finish it! Please. You should post a whole gallery!

  4. Tom is awesome, but did he help you clean for 20 min.? I love the man with the sunglasses.

    1. Dear Katy, Yes, I helped for a whole lot longer than 20 minutes, and the "man in the sunglasses" c'est moi. Have a good day.

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  6. Where is the artist in our weekly repartee, that's what I am asking.
    Are you well? Traveling? Ensconced in a carrel in a wonderful library? On a jaunt somewhere thrilling?

    Check in. We miss your writing.