Tuesday, August 28, 2012

An idea whose time has come

You know how people buy Baby Books in which to record their babies' first experiences like the date when baby first smiled, or baby's first tooth or baby's first steps?  I have an idea for baby boomers called The Old Age Book in which Grandma's firsts can be recorded.

I thought of this about a week and a half ago when my back went out (which by the way, happened the first time in May, 2008 while I was painting a ceiling).

I had to wear adult diapers for three days.

Clap your hands and shout for joy, Grandma is old enough to wear adult diapers!  Whoopty doo!

Somebody get a camera.

For those of you who have never had your back "go out," it involves crippling and painful spasms that knock you to your knees.  If this happens around other adults, they immediately want to help you up, but there is no getting up.  There is only flailing like a beetle on it's back and making pathetic sounds that translate into, "Somebody do a mercy killing."

I could not walk and hold my bladder for three days, thus the adult diapers.

It's an important first.  I want to record it in my Old Age Book.


  1. You were my first laugh of the day! Thank you. Oh, I really want you to write about menopause. Please?

  2. Yes! I love this idea!

    Also, I hope you're feeling better.

  3. Thank you for making me laugh so hard. It is the best laugh I've had in ages. Why do I laugh at someone else's pain. I am sick. I hope that never happens to you again.

  4. I love it! Celebrate, take pictures, commemorate! I'm thinking of what else to put in there.... First gray hair? Last brown/red/blond/black hair? First wrinkle? First time you call someone a "young whippersnapper"? First time you shake your fist at the neighbor kids and tell them to get off your lawn?

  5. first time you tell a stressed out mom "enjoy this time! it goes so fast!"
    first time you choose the low heel instead of the high heel
    first time you go to bed early at the family reunion

  6. My eight year old said the other day, "When I think of 91 year olds I think, Well hello there Sonny Boy!" Maybe that phrase could be added.

    I think your book is a great idea.