Thursday, August 30, 2012

School's on

I love this time of year when school starts.  Today was the second day of teaching Freshman English 1010, and I have the most delicious class.  When students are willing to talk on the second day, you know you've hit the motherlode.  Sometimes it takes weeks to get them to open up.

Then there's the fact that I was able to get the internet on the big screen, so we could watch a short film from (thank you, Erica; it was a huge success), even though the computer is a PC and not a Mac.  I have never been so proud in my life.  Onward and upward with visual aids.  I come from the generation of overhead projectors.  They still offer these in the classroom, but often the light bulbs are burned out.

I post all my information on a class blog.  I have joined the twenty-first century as far as the classroom is involved.  Waaahaaa.  No fear here.  I will always love being a teacher.

I'm looking forward to cooler weather.  I'm good with Fall until the gods remove daylight savings, then I grow wary.  That is not today, however.  Today is truly good.

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  1. Yes delicious classes make all the difference don't they? The next thing we know you will be twittering your students or second city. I BTW was offered a job today. PT. Flexible. Not teaching but has potential to be interesting. We'll see.