Friday, October 19, 2012

Moby Dick

I am reading Moby Dick and am in love with Herman Melville.  If I had another son, I'd name him Herman Melville Plummer, which is a lot of m's.  Every paragraph about water and the need to be on  it is enthralling.

This is why I'm seventy, so I could be old enough, wise enough, grateful enough to read Moby Dick with such enormous pleasure.

Melville is laugh-out-loud funny.  I wasn't expecting funny.  I was expecting laborious,  as if I had to read it for some American Novels class by next Tuesday.

I bought a new copy having thrown out the college copy.

And the Kindle I bought last month has disappeared.

I couldn't read Moby Dick on a Kindle anyway.  I have to freakout with my pen in the margins.

But I wanted to read Roger Rosenblatt's book on aging on the Kindle.

My bucket list is a booklist.

Proust isn't on it.  Unless you give me a good reason.


  1. Moby Dick is one of my favorite books. I recently re-read one of the early chapters where the narrator talks about he and Quequeeg(sp) were like a married couple. I laughed out loud throughout that whole section. Great stuff!

  2. You follow the same sentiments as Germaine Greer see:

    I hope that Martine Leavitt's new book My Book of Life by Angel is on that list. Have you read Rohinton Mistry's A Fine Balance?

  3. Call me Ishmael:

    I LOVE Moby Dick. Have, for years. My kids roll their eyes. Yes, they have been exposed. My reading, and an audio CD, and my reading, and an audio Cd... - It's so worthy, I have repeated their exposure for many a year.

    What a funny novel: not ha ha, but humorous. Just a great, great read!

    (There's my exclamation.)

  4. Have I missed you Bucket/Book list?

    It surely is valuable.

  5. It's a truly fabulous book. I re-read parts of it when I was on that Baltic Cruise thing a few years ago. Loved it. Also, the name "Ann Cannon" has a lot of "n's." Which is awesome.