Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Out of my mind a little

Thursday, Tom and I are speaking at a pre-professional conference for English majors at BYU Idaho.  I have been avoiding writing the talk for many days now.  I'm incubating, as creative folks like to say.  It sounds good, but it's pretty much a load of crappy procrastination.

Tom finished his talk a day ago and is actually having to cut it.  Grrr.

The talk will be done by Thursday.  What I'm worried about is the question/answer period.  I've forgotten everything I ever knew and more.  I'm actually making a list of books and authors I've read over the last several months, because someone is sure to ask me what I read, and if I don't study the list, I won't remember.

So pitiful.

But do you know what the first chapter is called in Roger Rosenblatt's book on aging?  IT DOESN'T MATTER.  And he's right.  If I can't remember, I'll have to say so, and it won't matter.

Ask me something I know.  Ask me my name.

I'll write again after the deed is done.


  1. Oh, Louise. This one his home. I promised a former student I'd answer some questions for a class he's taking--he e-mailed them to me last week--and I completely forgot. His due date has come and gone.

    Anyway. You'll do great. Truly!

  2. The best thing I learned from you is that the HOOK should be just that. The HOOK. Meaning: don't hold it back. Don't keep it a secret from your readers. Put it all out there like you're airing your dirty laundry.

    Awesome advice. Use that.

    1. I forgot I said that. I'm changing my opening. Thanks, Emily.

  3. I live in Rexburg! Maybe I'll sneak into the conference and pretend I am pre-professional, even though I am post-professional (well, more like NON-professional). I can be an audience plant and ask safe questions, if you like, but you won't need it because you'll do wonderfully. You'll inspire just by being you.

  4. Come lecture in Phoenix sometime. I would love to come listen.

  5. Good luck tomorrow! I wish I could be there. I miss going to class!