Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What you get for $1000 a month in NYC

 At least once a day, I visit NEW YORK MAGAZINE's real estate listings for Manhattan.
This apartment is well located on West 71st  and Columbus Avenue in an elegant looking townhouse.

It has no window, no kitchen, no closet and no elevator.  My solution is to hang a curtain from the
ceiling across the room at the foot of the bed.
You could hang your clothes anywhere behind
that curtain.

You'd have to use the Library of Performing Arts
as your study, but it's just down the street.

Two words: eat out.

Could you live



  1. I wish I could rent my closet for $1000 a month!

  2. i cruise rentals in big cities too. singapore has been my favorite for about a month but i always check NYC and Berlin too.

    my love of checking out rentals on craigslist has made me reconsider my profession. maybe i could hit it big as a rental agent. a job where i get to look at apartment rentals all day sounds pretty amazing to me right now.

  3. What floor is it on..?

  4. Is this even LEGAL?

    And whoever actually rents a place like this...are they even SANE?

    No window?! Gots to have me a window.

    And a kitchen.

    Ah, well, a fool and his money...

  5. I have to have a kitchen. Even a little one.

  6. Okay... after reading this I wasted 2 hours looking at NYC apartments and found that I need at least $2300/mo for MY bare minimum there, but that really I need about $7000/mo to comfortable and that $14,000/mo would get me a place that I'd be really happy about. Of course, I was only looking in the nicer parts of town. :)