Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween

Jaqueline's fruit-filled orange jack o' lanterns

I'm writing my Halloween greeting late in the day, but I wanted to post these oranges Jaqueline scooped out for her son's elementary school class.  The school is adamant about healthy snacks (doesn't anyone eat a cookie anymore?) so Jaqueline stayed up until two in the morning sculpting these beauties and filling them with fruit hoping to delight the children with nutritious snacks.  Aren't they gorgeous?

This was a few days ago.  Since then, Hurricane Sandy has hit Long Island with crushing force and Jacqueline and her family are in an unheated house with a sick baby.  Say a prayer for her.

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  1. Cute cute pumpkins. My kids get loads of sweets at school, so I really appreciate people who go for the healthy treats.