Monday, October 29, 2012


On our return from Rexburg, (where they made us feel like rock stars) we drove into Idaho Falls to see the falls, which was well worth the detour, and had lunch at the Snake Bite Restaurant.  We sat by the window on the right.

Tom says, "Here's a pop quiz. What does IFPD mean?"

I think he is referring to the Meyers-Briggs Personality Assessment:  "Introverted, feeling, 
perceptive . . ."    I don't remember what D means.

Tom smirks.  "Idaho Falls Police Department."  We break into hee hawing.

The whole trip was lots of hee hawing.  Our bodies are cleansed from all toxins.

Thank you, English Department gods.


  1. The trip certainly must have agreed with you because seriously I can't remember when you've looked lovelier than you did yesterday just sitting on those steps. Fanning yourself.

  2. What outfit would you wear if you were a rock star full time?