Thursday, January 24, 2013

Conversation with my mother

Mother pushing me in buggy in 1942

In the middle of the night, I remembered this conversation with my mother.

Me:  So how were you able to buy tickets for the ship to get us to America?

Mother:  We sold everything.

Me:  Sold what?

Mother: Our furniture, the bikes, china and silver.

Me:  You owned china and silver?

Mother: Yes, I got it when I was married.  And we had to borrow some money too.

So, you see, I could have eaten from a silver spoon, just the way it was told to me.

Mother never owned china and silver again.  I know that for sure.


  1. Wow. Please keep these memories coming, Louise.

  2. The idea to write your memoir in snippets on your blog is brilliant. I so enjoy your writing, and biographies, life stories, etc. are my favorite to read, so thank you for sharing this.

  3. I like those styles from the 40s. If it weren't for the clothes, the date on the picture would suggest a much younger Louise. I admire their ability to see a bigger pictures than silver plated spoons and china. Do you think food tastes differently on china?