Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Playing Hooky

It wasn't quite playing Hooky.  Tom and I thought we were teaching our classes on a Tuesday/Thursday schedule, only to find out that we were on a Monday/Wednesday schedule and had missed the first day of class!  Now that's a first.

Tom read the email last night and didn't tell me, knowing I wouldn't sleep at all.  He stayed up and emailed apologies to all our students.  Oh thank you, Thomasius.

That makes today a "free day."

The sisters played cards last night.  Janie was there despite her weekend adventure.  She had flu on Friday and fainted in her bathroom, knocking her head on the vanity.  She woke up with blood on her face and the floor, cleaned herself up and went back to bed.

The next day she had vertigo so badly, she had someone drive her to the hospital where they gave her a cat scan and ruled out a concussion. They did treat her for dehydration. She had enough vertigo to keep her throwing up.  Medication has helped and she was well enough last night for Toni to bring her along.  We only played one game instead of our usual two.

Lesson:  Do not faint in bathrooms with hard-edged corners.  Only faint in meadows of poppies.  Do not faint while swimming or riding an escalator.  Do not faint on horseback or riding a bicycle.  It would be better if you fainted in bed on your pillow or in your barcalounger in front of the TV.  I'm sure Janie will plan her fainting with more care next time.


  1. I love that Tom didn't tell you till later. The mark of a good husband.

  2. Yes that Tom is quite a catch. Does Janie have a middle ear infection? Seriously. Has anyone looked inside her ear?

  3. How awful for Janie. Glad she's ok. Nevertheless, this post is simply hilarious. Plan your fainting. I will take note.