Sunday, January 6, 2013

The best of 2012

I can say it now:  December stunk.  The rest of 2012, though, was excellent, and 11/12ths of "way above average" is not bad.

Here are the highlights:

1.  Anne and Spencer's wedding

2.  Rian's graduation in Pittsburgh

5.  Sally Plummer.  May Day.

13.  I knitted half a sock.  Several times.

4.  I began writing poetry.  At least, I think that's what it is.

3.  Tom and I became artists.  Life is short.  Be an artist.

6.  My best friend from high school, Christine, and I got season tickets at the Hale
     Theater.  Sometimes we show up wearing identical shirts.

17. A ten-day 70th birthday celebration.

9.  Sharon K. keeps going, defying doctors, family and friends.

12.  I began teaching again.  Still love the classroom.  Still hate reading the papers.

8.  We taught the eight-year olds in Primary and they gave me hope for our world.

10.  My sons and their families are doing life's Hokey Pokey and that's what it's all about.

19. Card-playing sisters.

11.  I still love Tom Plummer.  I remember when I wrote his name in my notebook.

7.  Netflix and Books.  In that order, I'm afraid.

10.  Hot water, a ridiculous choice of foods, heat, air conditioning and the swimming pool.

27.  Friendships across generations.

What floated your boat in 2012?


  1. A trip to Washington D.C.
    Summer at Tahoe
    Swimming a lot
    An impromptu trip from CA to UT to surprise my parents for Halloween. "Trick or Treat."
    Thanksgiving in the Redwoods
    Inheriting a fifth child into my busy life, which has brought its challenges, but mostly blessings.
    A nice quiet Christmas with lots of stargazing and cold walks.

  2. Three adult children being three capable adults.

    Daughter Gillian's completion of her Masters. Yippee!

    Daughter Claire's engagement and wedding. All in six months and no strokes.

    Son Graham's summer computer science internship. (Although it fell into his lap, and that is too easy, in my opinion. But a blessing, still.)

    I can still walk/run 10 miles if the urge arises. That Spouse o' Mine still rides his bike many miles each week.

    My parents, my three brothers (and families) and we all gathered for the holidays this month. And that is a blessing that many people do not enjoy.

  3. 2012 was a year of disappointments. I didn't lose 20 pounds. I didn't write anything substantial. I didn't see a boy fly off to France. I didn't have much work out as I expected. BUT I did travel here and there with good friends, family and Bob. I did read some wonderful books and saw even better movies. I did hike and cycle and find a pain relief for these arthritic knees that didn't require invasive surgery or any drug. I did participate in the temple open house and the all male but me committee was the best experience. I did make a quilt. I visit taught, served others, entertained in my home. This is my life...some sad, some good and it's okay.