Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A winner, finally

In the eight years that I have been playing the card game, Golf, with my sisters, I have never taken first place, until last Monday night.

See that medal around my neck?  It gets passed around from winner to winner each month.  It's finally my turn.  Janie gave me the score sheet for posterity.

As it turned out, last month's medal holder, Judy, was sick and would not return the medal to Janie. "You'll have to come in and get it."

Janie wins often.  Judy not so much.

I drove over to Judy's yesterday afternoon, showed her the score sheet and said, "Give me my medal."

She said, "I am happy to give you the medal.  I just didn't want to give it to Janie."

Three out of the five sisters are sharks when it comes to playing golf.  Sharks!  Marilyn won't pick up an Ace, because she wants a lower card.  Toni whines when she's behind, and Janie just grows silent, until her razor sharp concentration and demon will absorbs everyone in the room.

I won Monday, because I was dressed for success in my tailored suit.  Next month, I'm wearing a ball gown.

Golf has 9 rounds.  We play two sets and add up the scores.  Lowest score wins.


  1. Please post pictures of you winning like crazy while wearing your ballgown next month!

  2. I'm so proud of you Louise! Congratulations! Wear it everywhere you go.

  3. Janie and Toni taught us how to play Golf when we all went to Holland a few years ago. We played every night. They pretty much whooped ass, but I am proud to say I did win once. I'm sure it was beginners luck.

  4. ghostbusters
    from: louis darley

  5. You are so lucky to have sisters...even the sharks and whiners.