Monday, April 29, 2013

Jackie Robinson

We saw 42 over the weekend with friends and had a wonderful time watching Chadwick Boseman as Robinson teasing the pitcher, hands outstretched, fingers flicking and bouncing lightly back and forth between bases.  He was the man.

It reminded me of sitting in Mr. Garrison's gym class in 1955 watching the world series on a little black and white TV with rabbit ears.  Mr. Garrison sat in the front chewing gum and making comments.

I was a rabid Brooklyn fan.  I have no idea why.  I collected baseball cards.  I liked saying Roy Campanella's name.

In l955, the Brooklyn Dodgers won their first franchise World Series in seven games.  I was so happy.  It seemed personal.

Mr. Garrison was happy because it was a seven-game world series, so he didn't have to teach.

When they moved the Dodgers to Los Angeles, my romance ended.  The Los Angeles Dodgers?  That is so wrong.  They tore down Ebbets field, but you can see it again in all its glory in 42.  Take your children, so they learn something about racism in the "good ole days."

Seen a good movie lately?


  1. Loved 42. Such an important story. And Harrison Ford was great.

    Ruby (10) loved it too, even though she couldn't stand the Phillies manager's abuse and spent much of that part of the movie with her hands over her ears.

  2. I don't remember the Dodgers in Brooklyn, but I do remember Vin Scully's velvet voice fill the darkness of our car as we listened to the L.A. iteration on summer nights. I was a Dodgers fan when I was little, and while I don't follow them now, I'm always happy to see a flash of Dodger Blue.

  3. Hmmm, wondering if that is the same Mr. Garrison that taught at Southeast Jr. High in the early 70's. Brent and I used to pull a wagon down McClelland Street, sneak through the fence and set up our lemonade stand at the 3rd tee box of Forest Dale Golf Course. The Southeast Jr. High Mr. Garrison was a frequent customer.

    1. Annette, he was John Garrison--had slightly bulging eyes, tall, rangy man. I was madly in love with him.