Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy Birthday, Sally Grace

This delicious morsel is one today.  Just when I think I've met all the people I can possibly love, this happy personality comes along, and I am besotted yet again.

Sally is one;
Ta ra ta tun tun!
Gather 'round for some birthday fun.
Toot a flute--
Dance a jig--
Blow the bugles and strike a drum,
Because Sally is one

Buy her a bear
Without any hair.
Buy her a hairless birthday bear.
Tie it with a bow for the Sally fair;
Make it say "BOO!" for a birthday scare.

Because Sally is one,
                                                                We'll strike a drum,
                                                                And say it again: ta ra ta tun tun!


  1. Sorry, I can't get the last stanza to line up. Oh vel.

  2. Yay for Sally! I love to munch on those rolls

  3. Louise she is beautiful. Your birthday poem made me think of a parade. Loved it.