Sunday, May 19, 2013

Portrait of an old lady.

Tom found this photo of me on his computer earlier today.  Nice lighting.  I'd like to say I'm praying, but in fact, I'm playing Ms. PacMan.  If the thumbs were pressed down, I could be holding a small Bible instead of a joy stick.  I could do a charcoal drawing and change the thumbs.  Or I could just draw the head and leave the hands out altogether.

Or I could just keep on blathering about it.


  1. Drawing! Drawing! Drawing! Do it, Louise.

  2. I do like the lighting and I like that you play video games. Are you competitive?

  3. That's it. I've read your blog for over a year but never commented. This post deserved a comment. You are so dang funny Louise. I'm so glad you play video games and post about it. I'm confident you're prayerful too. I took classes from you at BYU (1998-99 maybe). I may or may not have named my baby girl Eloise after you. Please keep posting, praying and playing Ms. Pacman. Your writing makes me smile.

    1. Hi Mandy. I think you named Eloise after the book, but I'm glad the name reminds you of me.