Monday, May 20, 2013

It worries me only a little . . .

It worries me only a little that I don't have a thought in my head; that may be the real beauty in losing your mind.  You simply don't care.

 I finished reading several books, but because they are not within sight of where I'm seated, I cannot name them.  Delightful.
I'm sitting on my bed.  This is my bed.

Saw The Marriage of Figaro.  Delightful.

Ate at Caffe Molise.  Delightful.

Had a visit from Anne and Spencer.  Delightful.

We visited Charles and Erica.  She was shoveling holes for bushes in the side yard.  The woman is an animal.  And delightful.

I've talked to Sam several times.  He and Sarah are moving back to Salt Lake this summer after three years in Phoenix.  Wahoo!

Looking forward to a weekend visit from Ed and Dede and fam over the Memorial Day weekend.

Here's other stuff around the house:

This plant is blooming for the second time, because I water it.

The beginning of the terrace garden.  "Terrace" may be overstating it.  And "garden" may also be overstating it.

Guy, who sits around my house.

Sally's birthday bear, waiting for her to come and get him.

And that's all folks!


  1. That bear has a personality doesn't it? Overstating is good. Who wants just the cold bare facts?

  2. I enjoyed this virtual visit to your abode. Love to you and that guy sitting in a chair.

  3. I'm pretty sure Sally is excited for her bear. I'm excited for it, it's adorable. By the way, she can now meow like a kitty.

    I can hardly wait to sit with you and Guy in your living room and eat mixed nuts.