Thursday, May 16, 2013

Roos Family on a slippery slide

At Liberty Park 1959--Toni is holding Marilyn

I should like to know who the photographer of this photo is.  I'm guessing Tante Toni.  I don't think they hired someone.  Tante Toni is the kind of person who might pose us on these stairs and give us a look that would have us all responding in kind.  Don't you like the way the two slippery slides make a triangle of it all.  A perfect snapshot.

This isn't even the whole family.  David was born when I was 18.  This is the summer I was 16.

Liberty Park is Salt Lake's oldest park.  It's a great place to walk or jog.  It has a lovely aviary, tennis courts, swimming.  We used to picnic here and ride the swings, and if we were lucky, get a single ride on the Merry-go-Round.  I don't even know if the rides are still there.

When I was in elementary school, we skated on the pond.  I wore skates that attached to my shoes like roller skates.  Impossible.

Marva and I used to take our stenographer tablets to Liberty Park in the summers and sit on the grass to write our "books."

In 6th and 7th grade, we had a school field day here each spring.  We were divided into teams and competed against each other with three-legged races, gunny sack races and just plain old racing.  One year I was on the "Flying Tigers" team, and we had a a cheer that ended, "Flying Tigers, 6th Grade! Yay!"  If I'd written this twenty years ago, I would still have remembered the entire cheer, but it has went with the wind, as they say.  A good reason to write it down earlier.

I do remember this jump rope dittie:

Postman, Postman, do your duty.
Here comes Louise, the American beauty.
She can wiggle.  She can waggle.  She can do the splits.
She can wear her dresses up above her hips!

What is the postman's duty, do you suppose?

Do kids still jump rope?


  1. It seems that post man knows things. The Biblical know.

  2. I was just remembering the other day a skipping ditty we would say about "a doctor, a lawyer, an Indian chief" and which one we might marry. That wind is blowing hard.