Thursday, May 30, 2013

Toni brought the DVDs

The five sisters drove up to Bear Lake in Judy's car, two in front, three squished together in the back. It was raining hard.

One of the sisters is dating a man who goes by an alphabet letter and she got questioned first.  "Have you kissed him?" we asked.

"No, no, no."  She is a liar.

Another sister said, "I heard you shared saliva."

Dating sister wails that this is not true.  "We've only held hands!" She is a liar.

We rehearse what we're going to do in Bear Lake.  We have games.  "I was going to bring a movie," someone says.

"Me too, then I forgot," someone else says.

Toni says, "I brought two:  Joseph Smith's First Vision and The Restoration of the Gospel."

An ugly silence breaks out.

"Ha, ha just kidding." Toni laughs.  We break into hysteria.  The car weaves.  We cannot catch our aging breaths.

"That was so good," we say.  "You deadpanned it just right."  Because in this sisterhood, a snarky joke is better than religion.

Don't worry.  We gave thanks for the food.


  1. Your sister's DVD choice made me laugh out loud.

  2. If I were dating sister, I'd lie, too.

  3. Quick wit, that Toni. So funny!