Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I'm on my way to Bear Lake

Yes, I'm on my way to Bear Lake with my four sisters to celebrate Judy's 60th birthday.  We will eat cake and play cards and tell ridiculous stories and hee haw into the night.

I have a rubber rain coat, because it's raining.  I have sleeping pills, in case I want to go to sleep.  I have cake.  I have my own pillow.  I have warm socks and jammies.  I have make-up and a red sweater.  I have a nail clipper, because the minute you leave the house, your nails get all raggedy.

I won't have a phone or a computer.  I did take a book--you never know when you might need to wait for people.

Oh, my toothbrush!  If I hadn't written this post, I would have forgotten my toothbrush.  Thank you, very much.


  1. I have only three sisters, but I hope when one of us turns sixty we all head to Bear Lake together!

  2. What is it about nails and traveling, my husband and I are flying from Sweden to California this summer and of all the things to worry about I am worried about what color to paint my nails and making sure I have a nail file for the plane!

  3. Red is definitely a good color for you, you'll be warm and gorgeous! Have fun!!