Friday, June 7, 2013

We're in Nampa, Idaho

Liam (4) sitting on the ever patient Abby

The always fabulous Katelyn (7)

We're in Nampa visiting the Jonathan Plummer family.  Today we went to the park and watched Katelyn and Liam do some fancy sliding and swinging.  We saw forward rolls (Liam) and cartwheels (Katelyn).  We fed ducks.  I played paper dolls, which is just as fun as I remember.  We saw a couple of houses at the Parade of Homes and their friend, Brian's house, had ribs for dinner and watched the original Star Wars #1, which is actually now number #4 in the series.  Love Star Wars.

Jonathan and Julie have a beautiful house with a fabulous huge yard.  Behind their property is a country path that runs alongside a canal and beyond that is property with horses, cattle and burros.  I like the mix of suburb with rural.  There is nothing more comforting than a stretch of potato fields.  Cultivated farm lands are beautiful.

Besides Abby, (above), this household has a cat (Sophie) and a parrot (Papagena--which used to be our parrot).  The parrot imitates mechanical sounds, voices, and dog barks.  If Julie would let him, Jonathan would also have hamsters and gerbils, but she has put her foot down.  The possibility of chickens remains open.

Katelyn has become tall, lanky and athletic.  Liam is guileless and happy.  I love this little family.


  1. These are beautiful children.

  2. These ARE beautiful children and what a memorable afternoon with you. I covet grandchildren. Perhaps you've explained how the parrot ended up in Nampa, Idaho but I don't know the story.