Monday, June 3, 2013

What's your day like today?

Today is buy new sheets day.

Pay the rent day.

See some houses with Sam and Sarah day,

Play cards with sisters day.

Vacuum day.

Clean up yesterday's mess day.

What are you doing today?


  1. Revisions revisions revisions. I pretend to complain but I kinda like doing them. ;) Did I tell you I signed a two-book deal with Shadow Mountain? If I'm making the kids clean the house, can I count that as something I'm doing?

    1. Wahoot, Ilima!. It's not so bad doing revisions when the book is sold.

  2. Work (done), Taking my kids for shakes in honor of the last day of school (momentarily). Buzzing my 11-year-old's hair before he heads off with his grandparents for a couple of weeks. Sifting through my 20-year-old's wardrobe for her mission clothing and making a shopping list with her. I may or may not make dinner.

  3. Plan menu for the week.
    Grocery shop for items for that menu.
    Pay bills.
    Work on stuff for my calling.
    work out.
    typical monday.
    Not nearly as fun as last Monday when we were having dinner with you guys!

  4. Flying home from DC with four 14-year olds. Next trip to plan? Holland! I was serious! The legislator's wife is in!

  5. I've felt like a princess as friends and neighbours have stopped by with casseroles, fresh buns and flowers. Their visits cheer me up. For an extravert being alone in a bedroom recovering can be hellish.

  6. Well, it sounds awful but it really was a great day:
    I painted the exterior of our house ("Misty-somethingorother)for six hours. A lovely day with liveable June temperatures. New kitten has blobs of "Misty-somethingorother" in his beautiful longhair fur. Tonight holds something akin to drip-beef: drip-lamb (leftovers from the dinner party last week), and lots of vegetables, which I am craving.

    Thanks for asking! Sometimes we forget "the day".

  7. Took youngest daughter to school - we still have a few weeks to go here.
    Quick shopping trip for some ingredients needed to make poke cake.
    Made a black forest poke cake
    Wrapped gift for niece's baby shower
    Made some cards- love the new mixed blossoms stamp set from Stampin up.
    Picked up daughter from school and went shopping with her and other daughter for their gift to take
    Bought stuffed monkey for top of diaper cake I made for family baby shower
    Went out to dinner with extended family, my sister and her family are in town visiting grandparents before her daughter leaves for her mission next week.
    Met back at sister's house for dessert bar, games, unwrapping of gifts and then home to bed.

    Today the sun is shining - we've had quite a bit of rain, perhaps i'll make it out to the garden and do some weeding. Happy Tuesday! Speedy recovery wishes to Bonnie, no one should be bedroom bound with spring/summer outside.