Sunday, July 14, 2013

I'm missing the Solstice workshop

It's Sunday night, and I'm missing the women who were in the Solstice writing workshop.  They taught me, once again, what it means to "write down the bones."  Ole, friends.


  1. I'm missing the laughs. This weekend reminded me why, in college, I decided I wanted to grow up to be Louise Plummer! Thanks for the fun--and, as always, the honesty. Love, Kayla

  2. While those large group workshops felt like ether more often than not, the laughter and source of that fun made up for it in spades. You are one dazzling woman Louise.

  3. There I was in the bottom of an old stone well - way down in the dinosaur section - dried up with all the bones. Louise and Ann kept sending down kind, funny words and unbelievable prompts. Suddenly I started to come up and the water began to rush in and I was revived! And I never, ever wanted to go home. Thanks for the magnificent workshop. Louise you are wonderful!