Monday, July 29, 2013

What I learned at church and Ted Talks

Yesterday, we went to two different sacrament meetings. First, was Hannah Pugh's missionary farewell, or whatever they call it now days. I expected a top-of-the-line talk from Hannah and was not disappointed.  She spoke of her journey to choosing faith and not doubt.  It was honest, humorous and inspiring.

My favorite quote of hers was from the poet, Franz Wright: "If you can make a star from nothing, you can raise me up."

Later, we went to hear Charles and Erica speak in their ward.  Charles was charming and thoughtful and was my favorite son of the day.  Four boys need to share the favorite son position.

But Erica gave the talk I needed to hear.  She described the ritual of staying close to God:

--Before bed, she lists what she's thankful for that day.
--She reads a chapter from scripture.
--She brushes her teeth and cleans her face, and thinks about what she's going to pray about.
--She kneels to pray making sure that she's warm enough and comfortable (a pillow under the knees).  In other words, she prays without distractions.
--She said she looks forward to talking with God, rather than feeling like she's crossing off some duty list.

What she didn't say was where she prayed.  So I asked her afterwards.

"I pray beside my bed," she said.

"Where's Charles?"

"He's usually on the bed with one kid or another."

"You say your prayers with other people in the room?"

"Yeah.  I tell them to be quiet, because I'm praying.  If Charles is having a serious discussion with one of the kids, I go somewhere else."

I am incredulous to hear this.  She can pray with other people in the room?

This would be too big of a distraction for me, but I like that she can do this.  Ole, Erica!


--Nourish your faith first, not your unbelief.
--You just need to show up.
--Fake it until you ARE it.

Thank you, Hannah, Charles, Erica and Ted Talks.


  1. I also have four sons and heartily agree that "four boys need to share the favorite son position." What I won't tell them is that some boys naturally fall into the favorite category more frequently than others.

  2. Exactly the talk I needed you to hear so you could share it with me. Thank you, Erica. Thank you, Louise.

  3. Thank you Louise! I was thankful to also hear a talk I needed yesterday at church and am praying my daughter heard the same or similar message as she is struggling ( i think) to know if she believes. I am thankful for those who come inspired and prepared to lift the rest of us up. Some days we really need it.

  4. Oh Louise-
    To thine own self be true. No faking. The REAL YOU should always be good enough.

    Be happy!!

  5. This was timely and important to share today. I like this idea of nourishing our faith rather than picking at our unbelief. I can't kneel anymore to pray since I had this surgery. I find it odd to pray sitting up or with my face buried in the bed. Any ideas to help?

  6. This was what I needed to hear. And I needed to see how to talk about church so openly. You make it seem easy.