Thursday, August 1, 2013

We're moving back to Daybreak

Remember when I wrote about moving back to our house in Daybreak, but then we didn't?  Well, now we really are.  Our renters, who were signed up for two years, decided to leave after nine months.  We're tired of being landlords and we want more room.  

We will miss:

--downtown living
--the pool
--our ward
--our city friends, or the convenience of seeing them frequently
--the parade route
--the pharmacy
--the land of Oz

We will gain:

--the lake; I can kayak again
--living in Disneyland
--I get my small garden back
--room for a studio and an office
--a sizable pantry
--the front porch
--a dining room
--biking trails
--light rail into the city (it wasn't up and running three years ago).
--Charles and Erica and fam
--a guest bedroom
--the empty nesters group
--room for a piano


  1. When will this happen? Sounds like you gain a whole lot more than you lose.

  2. I was driving down I-15 the other day and there was a couple in a convertible mazda, top down of course. The woman was driving and both she and her husband had on hats, and I knew it wasn't you and Tom in person (too far south) but I thought of you (and all the stories of your miata in Tom's Santa book, a book which I adore). Anyway, I hope you enjoy your space.

  3. Ah, Louise, are you sure?? We never went to lunch! I will rent your Daybreak house if you're having second thoughts about the parade route. :) I am having second thoughts about the downtown weirdos turning me into a scary mama bear every time I go outside with my daughter.

  4. Regardless of where you go, Louise, it will be wonderful - at least for your readers. I can hardly wait for The Further Adventures of Tom and Louise Plummer in Daybreak.

  5. I . . . want to be happy for you. I will try.

  6. So much for our knitting class together! Enjoy your spaciousness.

  7. I have a group of friends in Daybreak. I think they all sell something from a multi-level company. I'll send them over