Thursday, August 15, 2013

Am I turning into Lindsay Lohan?

All of my emotional energy is going into the move at the end of the month.  We are packing, but there's no room for boxes.  My brain goes into overload as the chaos deepens.

At such times, I should not make ugly decisions like deciding to go off sugar.  There's been much talk on the radio and in the papers about sugar being a toxin, poison, a major addiction and unless we get off immediately we will die sooner than our sugarless friends.

How much sooner?  I want to know.

At art class last night, I was lobbing passive aggressive bombs into every corner of the room and realized when I saw Marian's bowl of candy down in her hallway that I had been without sugar for three days, and I was not a nice person anymore.

Like cocaine, you cannot quit sugar cold turkey.  Sugar has been coursing through my veins since World War II.   And here's the thing:  if you quit sugar, you suddenly have this uncontrollable urge to drink Diet Coke all day long.  I got off Diet Coke last month.  Supposedly.

Shep, artist extrordinare, reminded me that despite the sugar, I should be having dark chocolate every day of my life, because it's an antioxidant.   So, I was saved by stopping at Dan's and buying some Lindt dark chocolate and eating one third of the bar.  Tom ate a whole Rittersport with hazelnuts.

This has me thinking about my Dutch grandmother, Oma, who had a coffee break in the morning with cookies and a tea break in the afternoon with cookies.  Cookies, all day long.  She lived well into her eighties as did my father, who kept a "cookie drawer."

Maybe a little moderation is what I'm looking for.


  1. Yes, I ate the whole Rittersport bar, and I am neither ashamed nor apologetic. I am defiant. I told the doctor recently, who was going off about sugar, that I love sugar. He could see he was getting nowhere.

  2. Since I cannot control any of the things that would make it possible for me to do without chocolate, I have simply increased my recent consumption thereof. I wouldn't be fit to be in public, not to mention with my family, if I stopped eating chocolate. Or Bottle Caps. (I've just had an entire 5 oz box to myself.) I think I will go make myself a cup of cocoa.

  3. Oh, Louise. Please call me the next time you want to break a bad habit. I'll talk you out of it.

  4. A life without sugar (or Diet Coke) is not worth living.

  5. Lobbying passive aggressive bombs around a room sounds like it might be fun to watch.

  6. Dark Chocolate Haagelslag: It's what's for breakfast! ;)