Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I've never had really long hair

This is the only woman I could find who wasn't over the top glamorous with long, gray hair, although she's pretty.  She's also younger than I am.

I've never had hair this long.  My question is:  IS IT TOO LATE?

How long would it take to grow my hair this long?  Two years?

I think two years.

Could I go without cutting my hair for two years?  It's so tempting.

If I did I would look horrible for what could be the last years of my life.  It would mean that in the next several months, I would have a mullet.  No amount of make-up can reduce a mullet.

And would I be able to talk about anything but my hair while I was growing it. "I don't usually look this awful, but I'm growing my hair out, so that I will look like a 73-year old Alice in Wonderland."

This is not a good idea.

And yet, I've never ever had long hair.  Never.


  1. You are so funny. Maybe you could just go without shaving your legs or underarms and call it good.

  2. You could never go that long w/o cutting your hair. Although you'd probably look lovely with long hair.

  3. Buy a wig or go try one with real hair. You might see that you really haven't missed much.

  4. My 15-year-old informed me this week that she would like to have a pixie cut. She has never had hair shorter than a chin-length bob, which she always proceeds to let grow long again. When it became clear to me that, although this was news to me, she has been thinking about it for a long time, I called my hairdresser to make the appointment for her. Costcutters will not be entrusted with such a dramatic transformation. I will try not to hold my breath the whole time.

  5. Get hair extensions. Look up: lacedhair.com. The possibilities are endless.

  6. You make me laugh. As always. I like the wig idea. It's much easier; plus, you can try different styles!

  7. Apparently, this question never leaves us. You crack me up.