Sunday, August 4, 2013

I am now the creepy grandmother

The whole family is in town for picture-taking, shared dinners and general hoohawing.   Tonight, when we  gathered at Sam and Sarah's house, Rian, who used to live with us, told everyone that when she woke up,  I would be standing next to the bed staring down at her.

"It was so creepy," she said.  "And I'd find bags of M&Ms in my room.  How many M&Ms can I eat?"

Immediately, those near and dear to me shouted outrage at my ghoulish behavior.
Even Tom showed alarm:  "I didn't know you did that.  Do we need to talk?"

Then Spencer, who must have been a witness for the prosecution, said, "I know!  Anne told me on our fifth date that she would wake up to Louise staring down at her!"

Well, not every night.  But I did wander in sometimes in the morning to see if they had come in at night,   and cover a wayward foot with a blanket.

And think how embarrassing it was for me to have them wake up.  What could I say?  "I've been standing here all night waiting for you to wake up."

So now I'm the creepy grandmother.


  1. You just need to practice a maniacal grin to go with your creepy staring.

  2. Well at least you didn't put a flashlight under your chin. Their stories they share have a funny way of poking in unprotected places in our heart don't they?

  3. If unlimited M&M's are ghoulish behavior, then you are welcome to come be our resident ghoul. Hogwarts has them. Why not us?

  4. Come on over and creep us out - any time - day or night. We love M&M's! Too funny.

  5. This is so great. Your grand babies will laugh forever about this.

  6. What I find so baffling is that this is the first time I've heard about Louise's visits to her granddaughters' room. She is the hardliner in the gospel of mind-your-own-business. Don't you dare go in their rooms (it never occurred to me), don't peek in their diaries, don't. Now I have to rethink Louise. It's a terrible shock.

  7. Hahahaha. I don't remember you ever waking up next to my bed. I just remember you bringing my bra to a party. That was traumatizing enough.