Friday, August 2, 2013

I joined Lumosity too late

I subscribed to Lumosity for a year to improve my neuroplasticity.  Every morning, I get a reminder to exercise my brain, and every morning I fail on quantitative thinking.  I panic when I see a division sign. I am weakest at memory games where I have to identify squares that have disappeared.  My best scores in flexibility are only average.

It's like being told you'll never make it through community college.

Of course, Lumosity never tells me what a failure I am.  They say something like good try; keep practicing.  I recall saying that to toddlers.

Then too, I've only been on it four days, and I have been promised that I will improve or----nothing.  I don't think I'll get my money back.

In fact, it took me twenty-four hours to figure out how to sign up.

But I did sign up.

Enjoy me while I'm here.


  1. Lovely Louise ... You're delightful! Anywho, who cares about the insanity of neuroplasticity!?

  2. I tried it last night. Brain immediately became plasitc.

  3. That last line should be framed.

  4. Your presence on this earth is enjoyable.

  5. We'll enjoy you every chance we get.

  6. Do you think the brain only becomes plastic with division? What about learning a language, travelling, developing a new hobby? I'm with Ann: We enjoy you every chance we have.

  7. I am loving this! I ventured into Lumosity yesterday. My eyeballs chased blackbirds and numbers all over the screen. That is not nearly as fun as Mah Jong or Tetris.

    I have no clue what the benefits of Mah Jong or Tetris are. (Well...Tetris enables me to pack a really great grocery bag and vacation automobile. The sackers at the grocery are in awe of me.)

    My Mom (84)does Sudoku, which makes me crazy, and my Dad (84)does crosswords. I love the crosswords, and have always, even as a kid, loved taking his at the end of the day, to try and fill in anything he could not.

    I suppose any brain work we do is good. Good fun, good exercise, good for laughs!

  8. I score really high on those tests that show you a picture and you have to match it with the 3D version. But I always mess up on parking because my depth perception is off. I bet I could park on a piece of paper perfectly.