Saturday, October 19, 2013

A bite of the big apple

I am back from New York where I was obsessed with Persian tiles at the Metropolitan Museum.
I kept returning to this lovely door-sized alcove.  Couldn't get enough of it, and the other tiles that follow.  They also showed the most exquisite carpets I've ever seen.

I wasn't at all interested in European art this time.  It was like yeah, yeah, yeah.  Been there.  Done that.
Yeah, I'm European too.  Show me another world, another time.  Show me Persia!


I did stand in the hall of sculptures and smile at the perfect figures posing in that blessed light.

My first night, I had the most pleasant dinner at Sara Beth's Kitchen on Madison Ave with the Modlins.  After, they insisted on walking me to my bus stop on Lexington and stood and chatted with me while I waited for the bus.  When it came, they kissed me good-bye and I rode downtown where to my surprise, the bus dropped me off in front of my building.


  1. I have always loved Persian art, music and dress.

    You had an adventure in New York. I look forward to reading more about this trip.

  2. با تشکر از شما، بانوی پرنده