Monday, October 21, 2013

Tom is 74

Happy Birthday, Thomasius, love of my life.

Here are some birthday facts:

--1939, a very good year, because Tom was born in the LDS hospital in Salt Lake City.  He had impetigo, and they painted him with purple medication.  His grandmother laughed at the sight of him, which hurt his mother's feelings.

--He was named after George Thomas, who was then the president of the University of Utah (Tom's father was a professor there).  He was blessed by George D. Pyper, who managed the old Salt Lake Theater until it was torn down.

Why didn't they name him George?

Why did they tear down the old Salt Lake Theater, which Brigham Young built?

--Hitler celebrated by invading Poland.   About Tom, Hitler said, "Das ist ein schoenes Booboo.  Er soll Deutsch sprechen besser als ich Deutsch spreche."

What Roosevelt said:  "Only thing we have to fear is fear itself.  What's that purple stuff all over that baby?

What King George VI said:  "Why didn't they name that baby George?

What Tom's four sons said:  "Today?  Is it his birthday today?  Oh, Happy Birthday, Dad."

What Tom's wife said:  "Thank you for making me hot chocolate on your birthday."

Birthday kisses all around!


  1. What a wonderful vignette and birth and life! It this a portrait of Tom?

  2. Tom has excellent taste in life. He chose to come to this planet instead of some other God's idea of mortality and then landed the prettiest girl in all of the land. That doesn't even count his excellent timing of arriving after electricity, running water and cars with windshield wipers and before world-wide plagues have destroyed the planet.
    The boy has done alright for himself. And we could have all predicted his artsy side, couldn't we? The boy was painted purple before his hair even dried from his trip to get here! He was practically born with a paint brush in his hand.

  3. But your daughter-in-law remembered his birthday. Can't wait to celebrate.

  4. Woohoooo! I wish I could be with you guys tonight. Have fun celebrating.

  5. Happy, Happy Birthday Tom. You are the best.

  6. So glad we could make it last night after all.

    (Sam had "Dad's Birthday" on the calendar weeks ago, just FYI.)