Monday, October 28, 2013

The daylight drop

This is the week the daylight drops to save morning light.  I know some of you are early morning people and want the light then, but I despise the darkness at five in the afternoon.  Every cell in my body shudders when the lights dim.

I'm prepared, though.  My sunlamp is now on my desk and I'm planning to work in front of it an hour a day.

Along with the daylight drop, I begin my yearly diet to lose ten pounds.  I begin before the holidays to keep me mindful of what I put in my mouth.  I lose the same ten pounds at the end of every year, but that's so much better than gaining another ten.

This year, my granddaughter, Rian, is my dieting buddy.  We weigh in Monday mornings and report in to each other.  Intimidating to have a nineteen-year-old dieting bud.

My neighbor, Paula, sent me four veggie slush recipes.  I'm giving that a go instead of the Optifast, which is my usual diet, but expensive.

Winter's coming.  Ooooh, dark, overcast, winter.  Much scarier than any Halloween ghoul. 

Are you ready for it?


  1. I love winter. In sunny daylight I feel obligated to go outside and do. In overcast winter I am content to be indoors, creating. And the big winter plus? Being completely dressed. I look so much better in the winter.

  2. I love the sunlight here in Arizona, but do miss "some" winter days in Utah. I have 4 ceramic winter posed children in my window sill in the kitchen however and that gives me a winter look with a warm heart. In my book winter is for December - all else I'll take sunshine. Com
    e and visit Arizona!