Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tom's blog

Tom has decided to write his own blog since his happy stint of filling in for me.  You can find him at

I tried to make a blog list but nothing happened.  When granddaughter, Anne, gets back from Germany in December, I'll have her overhaul my layout.  I seem to have blog dyslexia.  Or perhaps, this is just another symptom of general anxiety disorder.

For my grandson Harrison's 19th birthday, I told him my favorite smutty joke.  Sorry, I can't reveal it to you here.

The thing I love most about this particular smutty joke is that when Tom was writing about jokes years ago, he found this book in BYU library where said joke was included.

As a nice "naughty girl," I enjoy these little ironies.


  1. I guess I gotta go find Tom's blog to read smutty jokes. I can't wait. It will be hard for Tom to top the time our bishop at church shook my husband's hand and asked how it was going. Rob replied without thinking, "It's full of shit, Bishop."
    Anyone surprised the next Thursday night we got a visit and plate of cookies from the bishop and one of his counselors? took a good long while for us to get off the "we are concerned about you" list.

    1. Years ago in Provo we had a bishop who was also an OBGYN. Two Sundays in a row he welcomed us to the "sacrament cervix." His wife yelled at him. "Just say meeting."

  2. The only potty joke I have every found remotely funny:

    When you enter the bathroom you're American, and when you come out of the bathroom you're American. What are you while you're in the bathroom?