Saturday, November 30, 2013

Breakfast this morning, thanks to Max

Maxwell Plummer at 13

He made the pumpkin squares with chocolate chips, solid and delicious.  I poured a large glass of milk
and ate that pumpkin square for breakfast staying present with every bite.

I thought about eating Tom's piece.  I thought and thought.  I really wanted a second piece.  Tom would never know.  He would not remember that there was a pumpkin square waiting for him.  I could take him a bowl of cereal topped with blueberries and he'd be so grateful.

But my better self won out.  He got his.  Thank you, Max.

Conversation #1 from last night:
Louis:  Grandma, I forgot how many pictures you have.  I counted them.

Me:  How many were there?

Louis:  I forgot.

Conversation #2 from last night:
Me to Rian:  Ahh, you have a coldsore.  HERPES.

Rian:  No, I never get coldsores.  This is a split lip, because my lips are dry.

Me:  That's what happens to coldsores; they split.  HERPES.

Rian:  Stop saying HERPES.  I don't have HERPES.

Me:  You have HERPES.  Lip HERPES.

Rian:  No, I don't.  It's the Accutane.


Rian as they carry her off in a straight jacket:  No, no no.  I have dry lips.  They split.  I don't have HERPES.

Grandma, calling out the door and waving goodbye:  So sorry about your HERPES!  Take your medication!


  1. O you are a grandma just like mine, once we were shopping for prom shoes and I got so flustered with all of her talking I put them on the wrong feet and then of course she could not stop laughing at me!

  2. It has been too long since you made me laugh. I feasted on Louise this morning. How has it been a year since I popped in?